Tutorial Chairs

Ambarish Ghosh

Tutorial Chair

IISc, Bengaluru

Bhaskar Mitra

Tutorial Co-Chair

IIT, Delhi

Sushobhan Avasthi

Tutorial Co-Chair

IISc, Bengaluru


Arindam Ghosh

Associate Professor, IISC, Bengaluru

Viswanath Balakrishnan

Assistant Professor, IIT Mandi

Chandni U

Assistant Professor, IISC, Bengaluru

Kausik Majumdar

Assistant Professor, IISC, Bengaluru

Chetan Singh Thakur

Assistant Professor, IISC, Bengaluru

Kasturi Saha

Assistant Professor, IIT Mumbai

Digbijoy Nath

Assistant Professor, IISc, Bengaluru

Ayan Roy Chaudhuri

Assistant Professor, IIT Kharagpur

Shankar Kumar Selvaraja

Assistant Professor, IISC, Bengaluru

Erwin De Baetselier

CEO - Founder at Luceda Photonics

Adil Masood

Photonics IC specialist

Tutorial Details

Pre-Conference tutorials will be held on the 16th of December at CeNSE, IISc Bengaluru. The fee for tutorials is INR 1500.00, please click here to register for the tutorials.

Tutorial 1 - 2D Materials
Topics Tutor Name Title of Tutorial Time
2-D Materials: Overview and Graphene Physics Arindam Ghosh Overview and Electronic Structure of Graphene 10:00-11:20
2-D Materials: Growing atomic layers Viswanath Balakrishnan Growth of 2D Materials 11:40-13:00
2-D Materials: Heterostructures, putting different atomic layers together Chandni U Van Der Waals Hetero Structures and Applications 14:00-15:20
2-D Materials: Electronics and Optoelectronic Devices Kausik Majumdar Electronics and Optoelectronics Using Layered Transition Metal Di-chalcogenides 15:40-17:00
Tutorial 2 - Emerging Electronics
Topics Tutor Name Title of Tutorial Time
Emerging Electronics: Neuromorphic Architectures Chetan Singh Thakur Neuromorphic Computing: Sensors to systems 10:00-11:20
Emerging Electronics: Quantum Computing Kasturi Saha Bridging quantum and technologies: A tutorial on competing quantum technologies for sensing and computation. 11:40-13:00
Emerging Electronics: Power Electronics Digbijoy Nath Power Electronics: GaN and Ga-oxide 14:00-15:20
Emerging Electronics: Functional oxides Ayan Roy Chaudhuri Functional Oxide Elecronics 15:40-17:00
Tutorial 3 - Photonics
Topics Tutor Name Title of Tutorial Time
Silicon Photonic: Basics, Technology and applications Shankar Selvaraja Silicon Photonic: Basics, Technology and applications 10:00-11:20
Silicon Photonic: Basics, Technology and applications Shankar Selvaraja Silicon Photonic: Basics, Technology and applications 11:40-13:00
Photonic integrated circuits design Erwin De Baetselier Photonic integrated circuits design 14:00-15:20
Photonic integrated circuit foundry access Adil Masood Photonic integrated circuit foundry access 15:40-17:00

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