Tutorial Chairs

Ambarish Ghosh
Tutorial Chair
IISc, Bengaluru

Bhaskar Mitra
Tutorial Co-Chair
IIT, Delhi

Sushobhan Avasthi
Tutorial Co-Chair
IISc, Bengaluru

Tutorial Details

Pre-Conference tutorials will be held on the 16th of December at CeNSE, IISc Bengaluru. The fee for tutorials is INR 1500.00, please click here to register for the tutorials.

Tutorial 1 – 2D Materials

Topics Tutor Name Title of Tutorial Time
2-D Materials: Overview and Graphene Physics Arindam Ghosh Overview and Electronic Structure of Graphene 10:00-11:20
2-D Materials: Electronics and Optoelectronic Devices Kausik Majumdar Electronics and Optoelectronics Using Layered Transition Metal Di-chalcogenides 11:40-13:00
2-D Materials: Growing atomic layers Viswanath Balakrishnan Growth of 2D Materials 14:00-15:20
2-D Materials: Heterostructures, putting different atomic layers together Chandni U Van Der Waals Hetero Structures and Applications 15:40-17:00

Tutorial 2 - Emerging Electronics

Topics Tutor Name Title of Tutorial Time
Emerging Electronics: Power Electronics Digbijoy Nath Gallium oxide: An emerging device technology: Promises, status and challenges 10:00-11:20
Emerging Electronics: Functional oxides Ayan Roy Chaudhuri Ferroelectric photovoltaics: progress and prospects 11:40-13:00
Emerging Electronics: Quantum Computing Kasturi Saha Bridging quantum and technologies: A tutorial on competing quantum technologies for sensing and computation. 14:00-15:20
Emerging Electronics: Neuromorphic Architectures Chetan Singh Thakur Neuromorphic Computing: Sensors to systems 15:40-17:00

Tutorial 3 - Photonics

Topics Tutor Name Title of Tutorial Time
Silicon Photonic: Basics, Technology and applications Shankar Kumar Selvaraja Basics of Photonic Integrated Circuits 10:00-11:20
Silicon Photonic: Basics, Technology and applications Shankar Kumar Selvaraja Fabrication technology for Photonic Integrated Circuits and Application of Photonic Integrated Circuits for communication and sensing 11:40-13:00
Photonic integrated circuits design Erwin De Baetselier Design platform for Photonic Integrated Circuits 14:00-15:20
Photonic integrated circuit foundry access Adil Masood Fabrication foundry access for Photonic Integrated Circuits 15:40-17:00